Lemonade, Mimosas, and Margaritas. Oh My!

It's #ThirstyThursday and it's time to recap the past few days' most memorable drinks. And I was drinking . . . so they had to be pretty memorable. Right?

So, let's be honest . . . last week was kind of a doozie (sp?) and this week has been a little (read little in a very high-pitched voice) better. At least it's been this way for me, but it's Friday, Jr. and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Drinks were/are definitely needed on my life menu and so drinks were had.

The first I'm going to talk about is the frozen lemonade cocktail I had at the Atlanta Braves game on Saturday. If you're wondering, we played the Phillies and lost by one point in the ninth inning. Glad I already had that lemonade in my system? Yeah, definitely.

If you live in the Atlanta area, or are just a huge Braves fan, then hopefully you've already visited Suntrust Park and all it's gloriousness (I think I made that word up). My favorite feature is the Svedka bar and they usually have at least one frozen cocktail option for you to inhale -- I mean, drink. This past Saturday, I only found a frozen lemonade, but I am definitely not complaining.

My dad and I were seated on the third level and unfortunately, the Svedka bar is all the way on level numero uno. We had grabbed a beer for my dad and a hard seltzer for me from one of the small vendors in our section, but once that was guzzled down along with some peanuts -- also, I really need to use this time to apologize to the guy sitting in front of me. I may or may not have accidentally gotten some of my peanut shells on the back of your shirt while I was eating. If I did happen to do this thing, there were only a few teeny tiny pieces of shell and they were never in my mouth. I promise. I couldn't think of a way to brush off the pieces without you noticing and I didn't want to disturb your family time . . . sowwwy -- okay, back to what I was saying before; we finished our drinks and it was time for round two.

Being the good daughter that I am, I told my dad I would go get our drinks . . . after he gave me the cash of course. He just wanted another beer, but I was on a mission. I was going down to the Svedka bar and I was going to get whatever frozen drink was in the souvenir cup. I made it down to level one and I stood in line patiently. I saw the drink was a frozen lemonade and was being served in a mason jar. The jar was simple and cute. However, I do wish it had some type of Braves something on it! Buuuuuut . . . then again, it's a cup and I'm obsessed with cups, so I'll take it.

I finally got up to order and my luck had finally turned for the better! I got the last cup before they ran out. The lady behind me wasn't so pleased when she was told she'd have to wait another fifteen minutes, but I'm not that lady behind me, soooo . . . I paid for the drinks and made my way back up to level three!

The frozen lemonade was just what I needed. It was refreshing with just the right balance of sour and sweet. I'd definitely get this one again. Even if I had to wait fifteen minutes next time.

Sunday was Father's Day, so of course, I was at my dad's house!

Beforehand, my stepmom had been asking the kids what we wanted to do for my dad. When we couldn't think of anything, we settled on doing brunch tings . . . because who doesn't like brunch?

I was tasked with making Mimosas. If you know me, this makes total sense because I am all about the drinks! I told my stepmom I would be honored to be in charge of the alcohol.

I realized then I had a cute little drink dispenser I had purchased at least two years ago and had yet to use. Perfect occasion, right? We'd definitely need an entire pitcher of mimosas. So, I pulled out the dispenser and headed to the store to buy what I needed.


2 bottles of your favorite Champagne or Prosecco

Orange Juice (I prefer no pulp for Mimosas)

Vodka . . . Triple Sec . . . (optional)


3 parts Champagne or Prosecco

1 part OJ

for the large dispenser I used, I added approximately 4 oz of Effen Orange Vodka


taste and add more of what you need for liking

After making my magical morning juice, I cut up some strawberries and oranges and made a display that was IG worthy. Fun fact: I had never opened a bottle of champagne before Sunday and now I'm addicted!

I poured everyone a glass and warned them about the #vodka -- I knew they would sneak up on you . . . they did. After a few glasses everyone was adding "r's" where "r's" didn't belong: "fringers, braseball, prease"-- and everyone was pleased. A Mimosa wouldn't typically be my dad's choice of drink, but it was brunch, so they were needed. After he had his first glass, I refilled him at least four more times, so I think he secretly is a Mimosa lover now. And why wouldn't he be? I've never had a bad Sunday when #brunch and #Mimosas were involved.

The last drink I'll mention was one I slurped down last night at Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen: Watermelon Texas Frozen Swirl.

I just realized I'm really into frozen drinks.

This drink was pretty good! I wasn't enamored by it, but it was definitely tasty. The #cocktail is one of their seasonal and limited time drinks, so it's a definite must-have for summer sippin', since you can only grab it up then! It's a twist on their Texas Margarita, adding a fresh coolness to it from the watermelon puree and sliced watermelon. Leave your slice in your drink while you sip and you'll get a #tequila infused watermelon popsicle treat at the end!

That's all for this week! Happy #ThirstyThursday and I'll catch you next time. Remember to always drink happy thoughts!!

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