I'm going through a quarter-life crisis.

Hi, I’m Shay.

I took the last month off of social media. Well, Instagram more specifically. I wasn’t expecting it to be an entire month. I thought maybe a couple of weeks and then I’d be back on. I took the time off because I was going through something. This thing happened in my personal life that completely shattered the vision I had of my future. It’s not something as awful as a loved one dying or losing my job, or anything like that. For someone else, it may be something that they would consider not that serious and something that I shouldn’t have let myself become so affected by. However, everyone is different and as much as I strive to accept other people’s opinions and reactions to things in their life, I have tried to work on accepting my own reactions to things as well. Someone else may not have been as affected by what happened to me and that’s great. I really mean it; I wouldn’t want anyone to feel the way I have been feeling lately. #mentalhealthmatters

It wasn’t just this one situation. I’ve been having a difficult time with a lot of things in my life and though I won’t go into great detail on those things right now, the last thing was just the cherry on top that forced me to realize, I needed time off from IG. I needed to take the time to focus on what was happening in front of me and not on things I could not control. Not on things that were making me compare different situations to my own. It wasn’t serving me in a positive way, so I needed a break. I needed some me time.


I took this time to try and discover what really makes me happy . . . besides writing of course. And I discovered learning about astrology and meditation, affirmations and manifesting was a true interest of mine. Self-care became really important. I needed that time in a bubble bath. It wasn’t just for the IG likes or views anymore. Creating fun cocktails, experimenting with different flavors and sharing them with my friends and family was fun as well! There were things in my life I was doing occasionally that I didn’t realize were activities I should be doing more frequently. I should be doing them more than sitting on the couch, watching reality TV. However, don’t get me wrong, I will not be giving up some of my shows. They will be watched . . . just maybe not in a five hour long binge.

I’m definitely still writing. Creating new worlds for the fictional characters that reside in my head will always be a priority. Writing pulled me out of the dark before and it’s doing it again now. Hell, writing this blog post is helping. As far as my fiction worlds go, I’m in a bit of a rut, but something is developing slowly. I’ve got a character . . . her name’s Alora and she’s definitely stubborn. She knows it’s her turn to be written, but she only gives me bits of her story each day and I haven’t been able to form her book just yet, but I’m being patient. #amwriting

In the meantime, I’ll be working on this blog. Sharing my self-love journey with you all. If you want to stick around, I hope you’re ready to hear about books, cocktails, the writing process and the many facets of self-care. If that sounds interesting to you, check in daily (mostly) and enjoy reading my quarter-life crisis diary on Shay All Day.


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