Get the Large Pitcher of Margs! Wine not?

It's #ThirstyThursday and it's time to recap the week's most memorable drinks. And I was drinking . . . so they had to be pretty memorable. Right?

Y'all. I'm not kidding when I say it's been another week of meh. The entire month of June has been pretty trying, but next month will come and it'll all get better! Right?? Here's to hoping!

That being said, there was lots and lots of wine this week. I spent last weekend really getting into a bottle of White Zinfandel. I am by no means, a wine snob- now, don't get me wrong, I'd love to be. I have always thought about becoming a sommelier, buuuuuuut then I think about those dollar signs and I think, maybe later, so . . . here we are. If you happen to be a sommelier or someone who can super afford expensive wines, this post may not be for you, but please send me an email and let's be best friends! Seriously.

Expensive or not, the bottle of White Zinfandel from Sutter Home was just what I needed. So much so, that after I finished that double bottle, I made sure to return to the store and by myself another bottle of the same thing. Not on the same night of course . . . I was wine drunk . . . you can't drive when you're drunk . . . that is a big no-no!

Back to the wine!

Sutter Home places their White Zinfandel very close to middle range of sweet and dry, but closer to the sweeter side. They describe it as having hints of strawberry and melon and pairing it with all types of food.

I'm more of a red wine drinker myself, so this wine was a perfect match for a time I needed something just a little sweet in my life. I could taste the fruit, but got the slight crispness I love from my reds.

Once my second bottle empties, I'll be sure to go grab a third! June still spills into next week if you count Sunday as the beginning of the week, so I'm sure I'm going to need a glass if the rest of the month has shown how all of June will be. At least for me.

I'm not quite sure why everyone hates Mondays so much. I don't mind them really. It's the first day of getting back into a routine and with my "Type A" personality, routines are good . . . real good. Also, The Bachelorette airs on Mondays, sooooo can't go wrong there.

For me, the worst day of the week is Tuesday. I've met one other person that agrees with me, but for real, it is. For those of you who hate Mondays, come on, Tuesday is like a second Monday. You're still at the beginning of the week and there's no Bachelorette! Just plain rude.

This past Tuesday just proves my point even more. It sucked. Literally awful. I can't even. So, there's this thing I'm working on (which I'll share in a later post, I promise) that has been extremely stressful and has caused more work than I had originally thought. I've been stressed to the max!

Anyhoo, so, I got home from work this past Tuesday and after numerous Snapchats between me and my roommate, as well as, me standing in her door frame staring at her, we decided we needed a #tacotuesday . . . La Parilla (on the eastside of Athens) for dinner it was! We pretty much go at least once a week, but it's typically Wednesdays (small pitcher special) or Fridays (large pitcher special). Tuesday's special is the Original Margarita glass or a Margarona glass. However, when I got in the car with my roommate, I told her and I quote "Today has been terrible. I either need a small pitcher to myself or we can split a large pitcher." The Tuesday specials just weren't going to suffice.

My roommate responded with agreeing that this particular Tuesday was sucky af and yes, we needed to split a large pitcher.

Once we got seated at one of our favorite two person booths, we ordered waters and the pitcher right away. We both got salt on our glasses and when those babies showed up, we both were grinning from ear to ear. Tuesday was finally looking up after all. LaPa's margaritas always do the trick!

They have lots of options, but my personal fave is the House Maragrita. I'm not sure what magic they throw in there, but seriously . . . I've had the Texas, I've had the Parilla, and I've tried the skinny one. None of them hold up to the House. It's got the perfect ratio of lime and liquor and it makes me a happy girl. *see picture to the right for proof*

With the help of my favorite marg and one of my new fave wines, I was able to make it through this week.

Cheers to the weekend and a much better next week! Cause, ya know, it'll be July!

That's all for this week! Happy #ThirstyThursday and I'll catch you next time. Remember: Wine! How classy people get wasted.

Stay classy my friends.

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