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Whether you know her as Shay Apple or S. Cole, you know she's kind of a hot mess. A fun hot mess, but a mess nonetheless. She gets shit done, but . . . ya get the point. Shay is a daughter, sister, friend, and writer! She has written stories for as long as she can remember. Like, at least since she was seven years old. That’s when she wrote her first book. Shay loved conjuring up stories so much, she continued writing them into her twenties. But now, she can drink while she’s doing it, so it’s even better! Maybe that’s why the characters that reside in her little black heart finally bothered her enough that she had to actually share them with readers. #winemademedoit


Shay grew up in a home where she was taught to embrace her inner nerd and creativity . . . and her short stature. At 5’1, Shay is that short girl who writes about the deranged and devious. She also has begun sharing her inner thoughts and self-care findings right here on this website, under her blog. She's going through a quarter-life crisis and the blog certainly helps. If you find yourself in the same space, check out her posts; maybe you'll find something that helps. 


You can stalk Shay by following her on Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok @shay_all_day_ and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/authorscole

Think of Shay All Day as Shay's personal diary. She documents her experiences exploring food and drinks in the Metro-Atlanta area. She shares all the books to be read and all the stories to be told about the writing process. And there will definitely be stories told of all the shenanigans she gets into while trying out all the self-care routines and all the glowing up this quarter-life crisis is about to bring. 


Interested in reading the books Shay wrote under S. Cole? Visit www.amazon.com/author/s.cole or click on the images below to get your hands on some books!


Want them signed? Email authorscole@gmail.com

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